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BigU Today The SS United States has graciously represented the Spirit of America since before her keel was laid in 1950. The largest and last American passenger liner she is a symbol of the nation's excellence. Her story is one of innovation, industry, patriotism, success & hospitality. The "Big U" is to this day the fastest ocean liner in history, holds one of the finest safety & technical records of any ocean going vessel and is the only ship ever to have been honored with the name "United States". This is America's one and only flagship: America's Ship of State.

SS United States: Discovering A National Treasure

BellFor over two decades the SS United States was heralded around the world, a much admired American icon and a source of great national pride. Today this national treasure is hidden in plain sight along the Delaware River in Philadelphia. Though the advent of the Jet Age brought about the demise of many national flagships the SS United States has persevered. The Golden Age of Liners may have faded into history but the United States remains as much a symbol of the American way of life as the Statue of Liberty and the Liberty Bell. Her existence is a testament to the American Spirit. Both ship and story elicit awe, inspiration and pride.

The SS United States Trust

BigRedThe SS United States Trust is working to ensure the long-term preservation of America's flagship through the creation of a perpetual endowment. This "trust fund" will generate interest income earmarked for the basic costs necessary to maintain the core vessel.

Our Honorary Chairman: President Bill Clinton

PresClintonWe are honored to have the only living U.S. President to have sailed aboard the SS United States endorse our efforts to preserve the ship by generously accepting the post of Honorary Chairman. President William Jefferson Clinton crossed the Atlantic on America's Flagship in 1968 en route to accept his Rhodes Scholarship at Oxford University.

"I strongly believe that in this age of rapid change, we must maintain what is good and constant in our past if we are to imagine a better future."
- President William Jefferson Clinton

About the Artwork at the Top of our Website
United States at SeaThe 3D computer model of the SS United States at the top of our website, as well as the image at left (click to enlarge) was created by artist Dominique Vaccaro. It was originally designed for use in Quality Simulation's "Virtual Sailor" Simulation software.

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President Bill Clinton
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A National Treasure
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July 4, 2010 – Trust Bids Big U Bon Voyage

New York, NY -  Following the July 1 announcement of the last minute donation  of rescue funds by H. F. “Gerry” Lenfest (see related article below) the Directors of the SSUS Trust are bidding America’s Flagship good luck and best wishes on entering a new chapter of her amazing story. In a meeting of Trustees just prior to the public unveiling of the events of the past five months the Board elected to suspend operations related to the original mission while finalization of the sale remains pending. The Trust has extended offers of time, talent and other resources toward fundraising and other efforts related to overcoming the current challenges presented by the EPA and continues to be fully committed to the rescue of the SS United States.


July 2, 2010 – Adulation & Congratulations

Philadelphia, PA – The Board of Trustees would like to extend congratulations to the SS United States Conservancy for a successful National Flagship Celebration last evening. Moreover, the SSUS Trust joins them alongside proud Americans and ship enthusiasts around the world in extending our utmost adulation to Mr. Gerry Lenfest. Chairman Ernest L. Raab, Director Devon M. Scott and Trustee Dan Trachtenberg were honored to have been present in Philadelphia this past April when Mr. Lenfest formalized his donation to the Conservancy. During that gathering Mr. Lenfest shared his hope that the effort to revitalize the United States would become an inspirational metaphor and a catalyst for unity, fraternity and national pride.


July 2, 2010 - SSUS Trust Website Overhaul

New York, NY / Houston, TX / Los Angeles, CA / Washington D.C. - The SSUS Trust is currently revamping our website to make information more easily accessible. The new home page has gone up ahead of schedule in order to introduce the revised NEWS section and put it to use covering recent activity with the effort to preserve the United States. For the next few days some pages may not be available as they are taken down for reworking. Visitors are encouraged to check back often.


July 1, 2010 - Philadelphia Philanthropist Buys Big U Brief Reprieve

Philadelphia, PA - A story in the Wall Street Journal was one of several breaking the news today that SS United States has been spared from the scrapyards for the time being. This past March Philadelphia philanthropist H. F. "Gerry" Lenfest committed $5.8 million dollars for the purchase of the ship and an allotment to cover basic upkeep costs for just under two years. Norwegian Cruise Line parent company Genting Hong Kong, Ltd. accepted an offer made by Mr. Lenfest directly for a reported three million dollars (U.S.) to buy the Big U.

The reprieve may only last until February, 2011, however, when the window for finalizing the deal with Genting closes. The sale was blocked by the Environmental Protection Agency citing the possible presence of toxic substances including PCB's reportedly detected later in air quality samples taken aboard. PCB's were used in lubricating oils, capacitors and other equipment used aboard the ship but are likely most prevalent in the miles of 1950's era electrical wiring containing the chemical in the insulating cover.

The EPA is demanding remediation of a number of hazardous materials onboard be performed by Genting before the sale will be permitted. Lawyers working with the SS United States Conservancy are attempting to negotiate an agreement that would allow for the gradual abatement of these items after the sale. A daunting task in and of itself, there is speculation that negotiations may be hindered by ill will on the part of the EPA toward NCL/Genting resulting from previous episodes involving the SS Norway and more recently SS Independence. If a deal cannot be struck by February the ship will be sold for scrap. There are reportedly no similar restrictions on the sale


July 1, 2010 - Clinton, NCL's Sheehan Lobbied for Preservation

Miami, FL - The successful push to prevent the SS United States from being sold for scrap this past March included a number of voices, some perhaps a bit surprising. Representatives of the SSUS Conservancy capitalized on the positive relationship developed over the years with Norwegian Cruise Line to set the stage for serious negotiations that were later to be joined by Big U benefactor H. F. "Gerry" Lenfest in person. The SSUS Trust elected not to enter any proposal that would compete with the offer made possible by Mr. Lenfest's donation. Instead the Trust submitted a personal letter from President Bill Clinton, Honorary Chairman of the Trust, encouraging Genting to take into account the national significance of the ship. An unexpected voice was that of NCL CEO Kevin Sheehan who was originally not involved in the company's role as agent for the ship's owners, Genting Hong Kong, Ltd. Sources indicate Sheehan was a key factor in Genting's decision to forego a nearly six million dollar bid by breakers in Brownsville, Texas, to accept a preservation bid of half that amount.


June 29, 2010 - SSUS Foundation to be Recognized

Philadelphia, PA - The SSUS Trust Trustee Dan Trachtenberg, along with Robert H. Westover, are slated to be recognized for their service to the SS United States during the upcoming Stack Lighting Ceremony hosted by the SSUS Conservancy in Philadelphia on July 1. Westover was the founder, chairman and director of the SSUS Foundation during most of the organization's many years of promoting awareness of the ship and pursuing preservation efforts. Dan Trachtenberg, one of the original and longest standing members, took over operations of the Foundation when Westover retired last year. Combined, these two gentlemen have dedicated more than twenty years to the cause of saving America's Ship of State.


June 25, 2010 - "Mr. Ocean Liner" Film Premiere

Brooklyn Cruise Terminal, NY - Friend of the Trust, maritime author & historian Bill Miller is the topic of a new documentary film called "Mr. Ocean Liner: The Life & Times of Bill Miller". The film will be premiered on July 1, 2010, aboard the Queen Mary 2 and will be available after August 9 from


June 7, 2010 - Funnel Lighting & Big Announcements July 1

Philadelphia, PA - On July 1st, our colleagues at the SS United States Conservancy will celebrate the 58th anniversary of the Big U's record-breaking maiden voyage by once again lighting her funnels, bridge & mast. The event also promises announcements regarding the recent call to action to save the ship from scrapping. Activities will be held in the IKEA Parking Lot across from the ship's berth at Pier 82 on South Columbus and are slated to begin at 7pm.

Announcements are expected to include that of a major donation granted to facilitate the purchase of the ship. The ship's benefactor, as well as the Mayor of Philadelphia will reportedly be in attendance.





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