Following the events of 2010 that resulted in the transfer of control of the ship to the SS United States Conservancy the SS United States Trust ceased operation.
We would like to thank those who gave time, energy and money to the cause.

SS United States: America's Flagship

BigU Today The SS United States has graciously represented the Spirit of America since before her keel was laid in 1950. The largest and last American passenger liner she is a symbol of the nation's excellence. Her story is one of innovation, industry, patriotism, success & hospitality. The "Big U" is to this day the fastest ocean liner in history, holds one of the finest safety & technical records of any ocean going vessel and is the only ship ever to have been honored with the name "United States". This is America's one and only flagship: America's Ship of State.

SS United States: Discovering A National Treasure

BellFor over two decades the SS United States was heralded around the world, a much admired American icon and a source of great national pride. Today this national treasure is hidden in plain sight along the Delaware River in Philadelphia. Though the advent of the Jet Age brought about the demise of many national flagships the SS United States has persevered. The Golden Age of Liners may have faded into history but the United States remains as much a symbol of the American way of life as the Statue of Liberty and the Liberty Bell. Her existence is a testament to the American Spirit. Both ship and story elicit awe, inspiration and pride.

The SS United States Trust

BigRedThe SS United States Trust is working to ensure the long-term preservation of America's flagship through the creation of a perpetual endowment. This "trust fund" will generate interest income earmarked for the basic costs necessary to maintain the core vessel.

Our Honorary Chairman: President Bill Clinton

PresClintonWe are honored to have the only living U.S. President to have sailed aboard the SS United States endorse our efforts to preserve the ship by generously accepting the post of Honorary Chairman. President William Jefferson Clinton crossed the Atlantic on America's Flagship in 1968 en route to accept his Rhodes Scholarship at Oxford University.

"I strongly believe that in this age of rapid change, we must maintain what is good and constant in our past if we are to imagine a better future."
- President William Jefferson Clinton

About the Artwork at the Top of our Website
United States at SeaThe 3D computer model of the SS United States at the top of our website, as well as the image at left (click to enlarge) was created by artist Dominique Vaccaro. It was originally designed for use in Quality Simulation's "Virtual Sailor" Simulation software.

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President Bill Clinton
Honorary Chairman


A National Treasure
could be lost forever unless
Americans acts now!



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